About Us

Hi there fellow #Sesayangs,

This is a blog for Karl Shafek's official fanclub , #Sesayangs.

This fanclub was rightfully handed by Karl Shafek himself to us on 23rd November 2012.

All Karl Shafek's activites will be updated through this blog and the other social media for #Sesayangs.

Other than Karl Shafek's activites, any future events for #Sesayangs will be updated here as well.

With the setup of Karl Shafek's official fanclub, we hope that all #Sesayangs can spread all our loves and supports to Karl Shafek.

Any suggestion for future improvement, don't hesistate to let us know as both of the admins are still new in this and there are still a lot to learn.

With love,
Sesayang's Admins.


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